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Indigroup is a selection partner recognised by businesses, operating in the market since 2010. In that period, thanks to dedicated recruitment partners, the geography of services has been successfully expanded, a quality standard for staff selection has been applied, and nearly 1,000 selection projects have been implemented. The key to success is clear vision and ambitious goals. Long-term investments in recruitment processes, communication channels and a network of trusted company partners and professionals have enabled Indigroup to deserve the name of a trusted recruitment partner. The confidence of business leaders in the region is the reason for Indigroup’s long-term success.

96 % Customer loyalty

250 Number of clients in 10 years

93 Average annual number of candidates recruited

22 BD Average selection time


Executive search and selection

The process of manager rotation is a major change for the business and requires good knowledge of the job market, salary boundaries, the size of the candidates’ offer, and the competitive advantages of the workplace over other employers. Executive search professionals deal with these parameters on a daily basis, therefore, as soon as they see a description of the manager’s role they are looking for, they can predict both the number of potential candidates, their reward expectations and the selection term.

Every company looking for a manager must have an accurate selection process in place. Number of interviews with candidates, topics and content of interviews, testing methodologies, tasks, proposal submission standards, flexibility for a counter-proposal. Changing a manager is not a routine activity in a company, therefore, going for an executive search and selecting an agency is critical.

That is why passive candidates make up more than 80% of all candidates in the Indigroup executive search process, and this figure has been rising every year for 10 years.

The first candidates are always presented within the first 2 weeks of the start of the recruitment process. Indigroup clients always choose from 4 to 6 suitable candidates for a managerial position.

Selecting is not enough and therefore Indigroup assumes the role of negotiator between the selected candidate and the customer. This ensures mutual benefits from the search and selection process of managers.

Personnel search and selection

Every recruitment project is a business opportunity that needs to be taken advantage of. Best professionals look for employers who know what they want from an employee, they have built short-term and long-term goals, and an employee’s career path. All of this needs to be properly communicated to the best professionals.

Where to find them? How to motivate them? How to choose the best one? How to reach an agreement? How to get everything in less than a month? 

These issues are a daily routine for recruitment companies. Investments in their solution are made every year, and the selection processes are streamlined to maximum efficiency, which we call ‘the best motivated candidate in the shortest term’.

Indigroup recruitment is based on 3 channels: passive labour market (head hunting), public search and referral search.

The sample size of candidates is so large that we can safely say that every selection involves 100% review of the appropriate specialist section.

The waiting time for the first candidates is Les van 2 weeks and the total number ranges from 4 to 8. Moreover, they are all suitable, with proven recommendations, high motivation, and an in-depth understanding of the relevance of position, expectations of the employer, and the performance of the organisation. The large sample size and high quality of the candidate group allows the employer to get an accurate view of the labour market and to select the most suitable candidate objectively.

Head hunting

Personnel selection through public channels can only represent a maximum of 20% of the total number of candidates recruited. The remaining attraction is critically important and requires head hunting, also called ‘direct search’ by recruitment specialists. Head hunting based recruitment allows an employer to choose from the best professionals and executives on the market, regardless of their activity in the labour market.

The best are looking for the best, therefore, head hunting requires an experienced and reputable selection partner. Before choosing to participate in the selection process, the most sought after candidates in the labour market always have many questions related to the prospective position, employer and perspective. During the head hunt, a recruitment firm inevitably receive these questions. In a competitive labour market, response time to these issues is measured not in days but in hours.

The best of the seekers or the best of all? Head hunting allows an employer to choose from among the best professionals and managers on the Labour market.

The purpose of each Indigroup recruitment is the best candidates. That is why head hunting is a key part of every Indigroup selection process.

By applying head hunting to all selections without exception we achieved a unique indicator in 2019: we have doubled the interest ratio for passive candidates from 1/10 to 1/5. This was due to dedicated project managers in different fields, direct live communication with candidates and KPIs, and the focus on the largest possible list of candidates at the beginning of the selection process.

Search and selection of IT specialists

Finding IT professionals requires dedicated IT recruitment professionals and methodology. With both of these resources at hand, we are an indispensable long-term partner in the search for the roles of programmers, QA professionals, IT analysts, IT project managers, Scrum Masters, SysAdmin and others. We are appreciated for the number of candidates involved in IT screening, their level of expertise, the speed at which we present the first candidates, and the excellent technical IT knowledge required for effective communication with IT candidates.

Devpool by Indigroup is the third version of the methodology created specifically for the search of IT professionals. This methodology has led to an increase in the average number of IT recruitment candidates from 4.0 to 6.8 over the last two years as of 2017.

The first candidates in IT screenings are presented on average within 1.5 weeks of the start of screening. It is one of the shortest deadlines in the IT screening market.

Attracting passive candidates is one of the key levers for successful IT staff recruitment. Being aware of this we maintain contacts and consult with IT professionals on an ongoing basis, when there is no need for their candidacy. This provides a huge advantage when candidates are suddenly needed here and now.

Evaluation of managers

Evaluation of managers


Before each step of changes in the chain of management, a motivated and reasoned opinion of the composition and potential of the existing management team is required. For the employer, evaluating managers is difficult due to the enclosed environment of the organisation, often accompanied by an excess of internal tension and a very time-consuming process. Only a recruitment specialist who evaluates the same level of management on a daily basis can properly evaluate top management. Such specialist, of course, can only work for a recruitment firm that carries out top management selections on a daily basis.

The management assessment project identifies the strongest and weakest chains of managers, the level of motivation in each chain, the consistency of remuneration and competence, the integrity of management style, and differences in values ​​between competitors in the same level of management. All of this information is impartial and based on objective data collected during face-to-face interviews with managers.

How can you know if the management chain is rather strong? This project cannot be successfully implemented within internal resources of the company due to biases.

Not only are recruitment companies objective, but they deal with top management on a daily basis in all areas so they are in a position of evaluating the competence of each manager and his/her compliance to the role and the needs of the organisation better than everyone else.

The management team evaluation service takes 3 to 7 weeks depending on the size of the company. At the same time, you can identify individual KPIs that are most relevant for the customer, and to include them in the overall scale for the assessment of managers. The result obtained this way is particularly useful because, in addition to the general indications, it also identifies the data that is most relevant to the customer depending on the nature of his business.

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