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All Indigroup operations are based primarily on human resources.

Being a top-tier company in recruitment and selection of executives and experts, we take the lead in first-class, dynamic and innovative solutions. Our managing partners handle each employee selection project with the help of the ISSPM project management system, which is annually upgraded. Constant investments into IT, media, consulting services, public relations and employee recruitment has brought us to where we stand now as a developer of the labor market. At Indigroup, our goal is to be the preferred employee recruitment partner to our customers and the one and only employment source for executives and highly qualified experts. The loyalty of our clients is our most reliable operational assessment.


Indigroup unites 3 HR service agencies and, therefore, we are able to provide a full service package.

Founded in 2010, Indigroup has been steadily increasing its quality ratios. Employee recruitment and selection has become our investment target. In 2011, Indigroup started offering career counseling services which, in turn, laid the grounds for labor market education and ensured a continuous flow of applicants. Career counseling has increased the passive labor market participant database by 38% since 2011. The year of 2012 marked the expansion of the company into the Baltic States where Indigroup started offering employee recruitment and selection services, resulting in a much bigger employee search zone for our clients. Today, over 30% of top-ranked executive recruitments and selections are held across the three Baltic States. The premium quality employee recruitment and selection has been attracting new investments each year. In 2013, Indigroup invested into the ISSPM human resource project management system. As of 2014, this system has been helping our clients to save 30% of time as compared to the standard duration of employee recruitment and selected process.


In 2018-2020, the Indigroup service group reached a 96% client loyalty to a recruitment partner ratio in Baltic States.

During 2014-2015, Indigroup started operating as a top-ranked executive recruitment company in Warsaw Region. More than 80% of the recruitment and selection projects implemented in Warsaw are of C level. As of 2018, Indigroup started offering package services by combining the Chorus employer branding and Deem organizational climate assessment methods.


Indigroup is a top-tier company specializing in search, selection and headhunting for executives and experts in the Baltic States.


Chorus is the leading employer branding company in the Baltic States offering a steady and focused development of employer brand both internally and externally.


Deem is an organizational climate assessment tool which helps the organizations to determine 78 organizational climate ratios and to analyze their changes.

The mission of the Indigroup service group is to become a full service HR agency, uniting human resources, project management and development specialists. Our team is capable of implementing unique HR projects in the Baltic States by combining individual talents in executive selection, organizational climate assessment and employer branding. At present, over 40% of our clients take advantage of our full service package and asses their results semiannually. The client survey of 2018-2020 showed a 96% HR client loyalty ratio, which is our main priority. All client experience is dedicated to further improvement of the Indigoup service group quality management system.

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