Agile Project Manager

Indigroup is an executive and specialist search company, whose quality of services is becoming a benchmark in Baltic states. Our client is a business process digitalization platform Vecticum.

Vecticum develops software for the best employee experience with everyday tasks at work. Is it vacation applications, submitting invoices for approval, tracking budgets, managing trainings and business trips, updating employee and org. structure information, etc.

Decades of experience, know-how, and technology mix determined the product success which served for more than 200 companies over the world and growing x3 every year.

As an Agile Project Manager your main goal will achieving outstanding projects objectives by supporting customer and Vecticum teams collaboration. Uniqueness of the Vecticum solutions requires unique project management technics. Your will use your experience adopting various project management techniques to the outstanding technology capabilities to achive maximum team performance in solutions delivery.


200 client companies worldwide


x3 every year

3 offices

The company currently manages 3 offices: in Vilnius (LT), London (UK) and Gdynia (PL)

Darbo pobūdis

As an Agile Project manager you will:

  • Lead the project team through all phases of the Solutions implementation process
  • Facilitate all Agile ceremonies seeking to create continuous and accountable implementation routines
  • Facilitates team and customers meetings, and other day-to-day activities as required to achieve projects deliverables
  • Ensures the team is fully functional, cooperating, and productive
  • Shield team from external interferences and removes obstacles
  • Maintain projects management documentation, distribute process reports, manage risk and issues
  • Support the Product Owner in managing customer expectations for project deliverables, managing stakeholder communications
  • Administer and manage business relationships with customers and third parties ensuring project obligations and financial goals

As a part of Vecticum team you will:

  • Define and manage a well-defined project management process and champion ongoing process improvement initiatives to implement best practices for Agile Project Management
  • With the Product Director and Development team you will constantly improve solution implementation and project management techniques shortening solutions implementation time and automating processes
  • Ensure that each team member is fully engaged in the project and making a meaningful contribution

Įmonė siūlo

  • Self-education time and trainings from both, technology, and business matters
  • Flexible work time, at Vecticum we strive to be an organisation empower employees to be judged by their output not their hours. We measurable objectives, professional growth, and personal responsibility rather than rigid leave patterns
  • Just take a day off if you feel like it
  • Salary from 3500-4500 EUR before taxes
  • Any specific need for gadgets or software
  • Team building budget


  • Solid understanding of software development life cycle models
  • Expert knowledge of both Agile and traditional project management principles and practices and the ability to blend them together in the right proportions to fit a project and business environment
  • A proven track record of successfully implementing software or web development projects using Agile methodologies
  • 4+ years of experience as a Project Manager in a high-tech development environment with multi-function teams
  • Prior experience with SCRUM/Agile methodologies with enterprise-level application development projects
  • Experience overseeing multi-function project teams
  • Well balanced business/technical knowledge
  • Sufficient level of technical background to provide highly-credible leadership to development teams and to be able to accurately and objectively evaluate complex project risks and issues
  • Ability to provide leadership to business analysts and collaborate with customers and develop strategies and solutions of high business value


  • Agile/Project management certificates
  • Knowledge of various project planning and tracking tools such as Azure DevOps, Trello, JIRA

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Ramūnas Volkovas

+370 677 44543

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