Executive search and selection

Learning from own experience is an excellent way to improve, but it has limits that can be reached rather quickly. Improvement as an organization is ensured by its top-ranked executives1. When the positions of executive officers are taken by market leaders, the highest possible results are just a matter of time.

Organizational changes start at the executive level. In each selection of best performing executives, we are entrusted with the strategic role and our performance determines further business development. The last 5 years of continuous endeavor in executive search and selection opened 48 new markets, more than 50 new company branches and created over 30 new services and products for our clients. These numbers are largely influenced by our annual investments into methods and measures that facilitate successful recruitment of top performing executives.


Of the selected executives successfully reached the objectives they were entrusted with2

Indigoup assumes the responsibility for the development of our clients’ businesses, introduction of strategic changes and breakthrough in new markets. This is why we have been constantly investing into the development of executive search and selection processes. In 2015, we implemented a program for executive recruiting via consulting, and during 2015-2020 we developed and perfected an executive selection quality management system for the Baltic States in the course of the project for adaptation of the international Deem methodology. This year, we have started developing check surveys for passive labor market executives. Executive search requires annual investments and we never stop improving in this field. Our goal is the highest quality and most transparent executive search model in the Baltic States and Poland

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1 level 17 and up based on the levels recommended by Hay Group specialists
2 based on the client survey results received in the first quarter of 2016


If we wish to attract the best, we must also be the best. Executive search specialists working at Indigroup are well known and highly valued in the labor markets across the Baltic States. We are contacted by at least 20 highest-ranked executives each month seeking career opportunities. This indicated that we are a reliable partner in personnel selection.

Executive search takes action. Typically, market leaders are not active in the labor market, therefore they need to be motivated individually. Each executive selection project comes with a customized plan involving prearranged headhunting measures to be taken. Indigroup applies a variety of strategies for executive search, including headhunting, recommendations and consulting. Simultaneous use of these strategies allowed us to attain a 30% higher executive recruitment ratio and to reduce the duration of the selection process by 25%.


the PCCR (passive candidate conversion rate) of our recruitments has been increasing annually

Making a strategic decision is a tough task. Having your partners make it for you is even more so daunting. This is why it is so important to know your executive search partners very well. More than half of the largest companies operating in Baltic States and Poland know Indigroup. Let’s get to know each other as well!

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