Managerial assessment

Systematic and regular managerial assessment of proficiency allows organizations to measure personal and professional proficiency progress at the executive level and to retain control of internal factors influencing the company’s efficiency and organizational climate.

Based on Deem organizational climate assessment methods, a manager supervising a team of 6 or more employees directly affects about 35% of employee satisfaction, involvement, professional compatibility and motivation ratios at medium-sized and large enterprises. A manager supervising a team of more than 15 employees, directly affects more than 46% respectively.


Executives have participated in the Indigroup managerial assessment projects by 2020

Indigroup specialists carry out the managerial assessment of proficiency by focusing on the fundamental qualities of executive officers that determine their ability to allocate responsibility and asses the environment their subordinates operate in. Managerial assessment of proficiently is based on a set of five interrelated questionnaires consisting of closed-ended and open-ended questions and situational interviews. The questions from different categories are selectively mixed up during an assessment interview to retain a unique conversation structure and validity of assessment.

A MAR (managers assessment report) is based on the principle of comparative analysis, which provides a possibility to both assess the individual performance of each manager and to calculate the average professional and personal ratios of the executive team.

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