Organizational climate assessment

A frame of reference is essential for proficient planning of organizational development, introduction of necessary changes and their assessment. An organization and its employees are influenced by every procedural, structural, strategic and staffing change.

Managing organizational microclimate is the main task of every executive, and employee motivation along with professional and personal potential assessment is the biggest challenge for a progressive company. Luckily, organizational climate assessment consisting of 73 unique indicators leaves no questions unanswered.


Deem organizational climate assessment tool has 74 unique parameters falling under 6 microclimate elements

„The day we opened our first manufacturing workshop was the first best thing that happened to me in this business. The second one was when I received my first Deem report and our corporate group succeeded in human resource change management by staying one step ahead of any future problems.“

Carl Fender

President of the CAF Corporate Group

Deem is an organizational climate assessment tool based on human resource analysis and change control models and comprising the following six critical factors that influence organizational microclimate:

  • Work efficiency
  • Organizational justice
  • Supervisor’s assessment
  • Teamwork
  • Motivation
  • Value of proficiency

A step-by-step assessment of these organizational microclimate elements and subsequent result analysis allows to improve existing organizational processes and develop new ones. This way, regular organizational climate assessment guarantees uninterrupted company progress and becomes a key argument behind any changes.



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