Recruitment and selection audit

Positive changes start from external assessment of organizational processes. In the HR sector, attracting proficient specialists and ensuring dynamic personnel turnover management are crucial to each company. The goal of our recruitment and selection audit is to ensure the highest possible staffing efficiency for an organization.

Smart organizations plan their staffing needs in advance. The task of the recruitment and selection audit consultants is to match a company’s plans with personnel selection possibilities. The audit serves to determine the buffer and critical zones in the recruitment processes and ensure that they are given priority in terms of change implementation.


A full cycle audit including presentation of the results takes about 25 business days.

  • Audit and detailed analysis of positions, responsibilities and functions
  • Audit of the use of job search media and introduction of new media
  • Audit and upgrades of the marketing tools used in personnel selection
  • Audit of job interview structure and its adjustment for different categories of specialists
  • Entry and exit policy audit and integration of new procedures
  • Audit and development of company’s representation procedure during personnel selection

Recruitment and selection audit allows organizations to reveal their true potential and use their competitive edge to the maximum in the labor market. Integrated changes introduced into a personnel selection process yield higher compatibility of the applicants for selected positions, higher and focused motivation, and more efficient processes of public personnel selection and headhunting.

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Average duration of employee search.


Recruitment of potential candidates.


Annual staffing costs.


Rejection ratio during the trial period.

Statistics of the recruitment and selection audits carried out in the Baltic States and Poland in 2015. Information provided by Indigroup clients one year after the recruitment and selection audit.