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The market for IT professionals is highly special. It is described by the greatest imbalances between labour supply and demand, the highest demand dynamics and the highest salaries for professionals. Recruitment companies also need to have separate standards in IT screening. Indigroup has a separate IT recruitment model for this market – Devpool by Indigroup1

The search of developers, QA specialists, analysts and other IT professionals requires dedicated project managers of the recruitment agency. Not only do they need to have a good understanding of IT methodologies, differences in programming languages, but also need to be aware of the areas of interest and expectations of IT professionals. In short, IT professionals search project manager must be aware of differences between Agile and Waterfall, between Laravel and Symfony, between Vue.js and React.js, between Manual QA and QA Automation, etc. If there is no debate on this matter – the selection project manager does not have sufficient competencies to select a programmer or any other IT professional. Indigroup employs specifically IT project managers who are fully dedicated to this field. Communicating with programmers, testers, analysts, SysAdmins, DevOps and Product Owners is a daily routine for them. They know the companies, the differences in the stacks in the target companies, the strengths of candidates, and the factors that motivate them. Indigroup dedicated IT recruitment project managers are the small group of people in the HR field to whom IT professionals themselves want to interact with. 

We do not believe that everything can be done well. That is why we have developed a separate selection methodology for our IT screenings, have educated dedicated project managers to search for IT staff, and have created the image of a credible own HR partner duly representing the candidates.


IT professionals selected by Indigroup are not active job seekers2

1.5 w

The average time for Indigroup IT Selection Team to present the first candidates

Every programmer who is not currently looking for a job appreciates concreteness, clear responsibility, an open salary position and an accurate description of the stack. It is also important for them to have an efficient and quick selection process, because often suggestions follow one another and there is no time to wait. Having all of this information from one point is a great advantage, therefore, Indigroup has invested heavily in dedicated IT selection methodology and dedicated professionals and has yielded a huge positive impact: shorter duration of screenings, higher interest rating of passive candidates, increase in the number of independent candidates’ requests and the growth in the average number of candidates for one IT position which achieved 6.8 candidates per selection in 2021.

Every new programmer, tester, analyst etc. IT selection project is a new but clear sequence of actions that Indigroup project managers have already performed hundreds of times. If you’re deciding who to entrust your need to IT professionals for, we’ll be happy to share our success stories and create another one.

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1 Indigroup has developed and launched the methodology used to select IT specialists since 2018.
2 Based on the data collected by Indigroup from 2015 to 2021.
3 Based Indigroup sample statistics of 2020.

Devpool by Indigroup specialist search method

The differences between IT recruitments and those in other sectors are so obvious that we have developed a Devpool by Indigroup methodology that helps us quickly, qualitatively and accurately select the best IT professionals in our field. Whether it’s popular roles of PHP, Java, Node.js, C# programmers, testers, DevOps, SysAdmin, Product Owner, or much rarer RoR, RPA or other positions – the Devpool by Indigroup methodology is adapted to all IT selections.

The Indigroup’s IT sampling methodology is unique in that it was developed after 5 years of work in the field of IT recruitment, by testing various methodologies and applying state-of-the-art search channels. All the expertise has been used to develop an internal methodology, which began to yield results already in the first year of its application. The Devpool by Indigroup methodology was developed by using 4 indicators: the number of eligible candidates, the rate of offering first eligible candidates, passive candidate market coverage, and passive candidate conversion rate (PCCR). Devpool by Indigroup methodology is updated every year based on these indicators. 

Currently, Indigroup is already using version 3 of Devpool by Indigroup methodology, with its major update – activation of candidates in the absence of a specific need. Therefore, the current Indigroup directopool-IT methodology consists of 4 parts:

  1. A set of rules for presenting IT position descriptions with priority parts by roles.
  2. Candidate long listing keyword set by roles.
  3. Content rules for target positions, media channels, and conversations.
  4. A map of all IT screening actions from the need formation to the candidate recruitment.

Each of these four parts of the IT recruitment methodology are refined each year to reflect new IT positions, new technologies, frameworks and market players.

4.0 to 6.8

Using Devpool by Indigroup methodology, we increase the average number of candidates in IT selections annually – from 4.0 in 2018 to 6.8 in 2021

Good programmers and other IT professionals are not looking for jobs, they need to be motivated to consider the offers considered. Motivators change depending on the level of the position offered and the candidate’s current job. Indigroup project managers pre-determine the list of values ​​that are most important to the candidate in the selection of IT professionals. A value communication plan is also provided.

Good programmers and other IT professionals are not freely available in the market for a long time, therefore, an efficient selection process must be in place. We follow the rule is that a candidate who agrees to participate in the selection process must be presented to the customer on the same day. Likewise, if the customer does not have a thorough IT specialist selection policy in place – we will work with the customer on this issue to clearly inform when and what action to take at different stages of the selection process. This allows in some cases to reduce the time from a candidate’s offer to recruitment by up to 2 weeks.

Good recruitment companies do not wait for candidates to send in their CVs. We have been using direct search (head hunting) from the very first day of IT screening. That way, we get in touch with the best IT professionals right away, and it doesn’t matter if you have to go to a large part of the passive labour market. Indigroup’s IT screening includes a large number of passive candidates and we are not afraid of their ‘no’, as building a contact will be beneficial in the next screening after six months. It is the investment in long-term IT selection solutions that is Indigroup’s greatest asset and advantage.

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