Information Technology

As of 2014, the average number of IT specialists in a Lithuanian IT company has been increasing by 20% per year. Competitiveness is also promoted by the expansion of service centers that mostly focus on the development of IT services.

Ensuring recruitment of the best specialists and their retention as they raise their professional competence is most important in this sector. In the wake of the increasing difference between the supply and demand for IT specialist, regular investments are need to be made into new personnel search channels. The goal of having a competitive ability provided by IT specialists has become a bigger challenge than the created IT product itself. In the IT sector, the trend has shifted from the solutions to the people who are the key factor of successful development.


The average annual increase of IT specialists in a Lithuanian IT company




Compared to other industry sectors, executives working in the field of logistics are more loyal to their employers. Hence, with each coming year, headhunting in logistics sector requires new solutions to recruit the leaders.

The part of GDP generated by the Lithuanian logistics sector reaches 13% and is the highest in the entire EU. The specialists and managers working in the fields of infrastructure, sales, shipping and international transportation are active market players, constantly monitoring new employers and following any changes in the leading companies. This sector largely depends on the global economic situation and demands quick reaction to changes and the best specialists.


The part of the GDP generated in the Lithuanian sector of logistics is the highest in the entire EU



Sales and trading

The Lithuanian retail sector generates a turnover of approx. 9 billion euro per year. Concurrently, the huge number of labor market participants results in the highest employee turnover and large investments into employer branding.

The majority of the employees work in the FMCG networks, where competition among the best workers is the most exhausting. Specialized retail chains focus on the specialists and executives with unique experience and focus on employee turnover management as one of the main HR goals. As such organizations often tend to combine logistics, finance, commerce, IT and marketing sectors, both retail and wholesale stores require personnel with wide range of skills.


Is the annual turnover of the Lithuanian retail sector




The Lithuanian construction and real estate industry employs around 100,000 employees. Compared to the other sectors, the fluctuations in the market are higher, resulting in more attention to be given to the welfare of the best specialists.

The executives specializing in construction and real estate gain a competitive edge on an international scale due to their knowledge and skills. The wider the encompassed geographic territory, the more resourceful the executive search. Construction and real estate market shapes a separate portion of the labor market, where tripartism is predominant. In light of this system, due to exceptionally close cooperation, it is very important to ensure the loyalty of the best specialists and constant recruitment of leaders.


Employees work in the Lithuanian construction and real estate sector




Today Lithuania has 14 operating banks (6 commercial banks and 8 subsidiaries). The companies that have many years of experience are very sensitive to any fluctuations in the labor market.

Preparing to face the fluctuating labor market and maintaining the motivation and loyalty of the most proficient specialists is highly important for every employer. The companies operating in the financial sector find it critical to develop the teams of highly experienced employees and attract young teams with the goal of ensuring constant growth. The top-tier executives in the financial sector are active participants of the labor market and receive competitive offers every year. The main task in terms of personnel selection in this sector is to identify the specialists who can ensure long-term benefits and are loyal, which is considered one of the key qualities possessed by the leaders in the financial sector.


Banks (6 commercial and 8 subsidiaries) presently operate in Lithuania




The largest Lithuanian companies unite over 6000 employees and more than 10 partner companies. All the participants of the telecommunication sector compete for the same specialists that are key to the high value of the services they offer.

Telecommunications industry focuses on the development of new products and customer service standards, application of IT innovations, etc. Telecommunication companies compete over top-tier executives, IT, sales, marketing and internal processes specialists who are in high demand. Personnel selection in this sector tends to be extremely dynamic due to the rapidly changing market as data transmission processes continue improving.


Employees and 10 partner companies are united by the largest Lithuanian enterprises




Approximately ¼ of the Lithuanian GDP is generated by the manufacturing sector.  Many projects developed by Lean, 6S and Continuous Improvement prepare the best manufacturing specialists.

Branches of Scandinavian and Western European manufacturers opened in Lithuania appeal to the best executives and generate high competition in the internal market. As the manufacturing efficiency grows, the improvement of personnel must be ensured via both professional development of the current specialists and recruitment of experienced executives. Headhunting is the main personnel selection tool in the manufacturing sector due to the demand for the best specialists being higher than the supply.


of the Lithuanian GDP is generated by the manufacturing sector




Around 1,500 specialists obtain a medical degree in Lithuania every year. Cutting-edge technologies motivate educational institutions to adapt and develop their programs of study.

The specialists of different pharmacy and medicine areas can choose from the best employers in the market who in turn need to increase their competitiveness and advantages. Innovations are what drives the largest corporations forward and lays the foundations for the growth of smaller companies. The knowledge possessed by the executives in the fields of medicine and pharmacy are unique. This is why the quality of personnel search and selection in this sector is the cornerstone of a successful business.


Specialists obtain a medical degree in Lithuania every year




The biggest competition in the law sector is observed amongst the specialists that have more than 7 years of experience. The limited number of top level experts determines harsh competition among the biggest market players.

The stability of competency is what brings customer loyalty in law sector, which is key to the best possible results and further development. Reliability and steadfastness are the integral parts of a successful business. Frequently, any changes at the executive level mean changes on an organizational level, therefore strict confidentiality is a requirement in headhunting in this sector.


Specialists with at least 7 years of experience are the most wanted in law sector



Public sector

In Lithuania, this sector employs around 370,000 specialists. The companies operating in the public and private sectors compete for the same specialists.

To ensure efficiency, it is important to move forward keeping the pace set by the private sector companies and retaining a competitive edge to attract the best employees. While personnel selection in the public sector is based on certain protocols, its biggest challenge yet is the ongoing transformation of the sector. Ability to match the requirements applicable to the new positions, personnel search and selection in the public sector may generate excellent long-term results.


Specialists are employed in public sector in Lithuania